What We Do

OCI coordinates the City of Miami's capital improvement planning process and long-range program so that capital spending supports strategic citywide initiatives and neighborhood needs. This culminates in a six-year capital improvement plan that is produced annually. All expenditures of capital improvement dollars must be reviewed and approved by the Office of Management and Budget. Additionally, OCI directs and executes all capital improvement projects for the City involving in-house design and construction and/or those that require professional design - architectural, engineering, landscape architectural and/or surveying services.

Our office is organized into office administration staff and four divisions: (1) Design Management; (2) Construction Management; (3) Communications & Community Outreach; (4) Legislation Contracts Compliance. Each division plays a critical role in providing comprehensive services to maintain and improve the needs of our communities within the City of Miami, as well as providing support to all city departments and divisions.

Some of the critical activities of our divisions include:

Design Management

Construction Management

Communications and Community Outreach

Legislation Contracts Compliance