First-Time Homebuyer Program

The City's First Time Homebuyer program provides zero percent (0%) deferred loans to first-time homebuyers purchasing a property in the City of Miami. The buyer selects their own eligible property to purchase and meets with one of the participating lenders to be pre-qualified for a mortgage loan. The City of Miami underwrites the loan based on the first mortgage lender's commitment. The City only accepts applications from participating lenders and they are processed on a first-come, first-ready, first-serve basis. Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions section for more information.

Snapshot of the First-Time Homebuyer Program

Eligible Properties:

Eligible Buyers:

Maximum Sales Price: 

Loan Terms:


First Mortgage Restrictions:

Other Restrictions:

Resale Restrictions:

If the owner sells and/ or transfer the house before the end of the City's mortgage term, the following provisions will apply:

How Do I Get Started? 

  1. Pick up an application for the First-Time Homebuyer Program at the Department of Housing & Community Development or at any of the City's Neighborhood Enhancement Team (NET) locations.
  2. Gather all documents listed in the "First-Time Checklist", under the header "Provided by Homeowner."
  3. Attend an approved Homebuyer Counseling workshop.
  4. Contact a participating lender to obtain a loan commitment and to be pre-qualified for a mortgage loan, subject to the City's down payment amount. 

  5. Search for a home in the City of Miami based on your pre-approved loan amount and within the maximum sales price limit.
  6. Have your lender provide you with a full mortgage commitment.
  7. Fill out the First-time Homebuyer Program application, include all proper documentation, and submit them to your lender. Have your lender submit your loan package to the City.

For more information, regarding our First-Time Homebuyer Program, please call (305) 416-1927