Services to City Residents

The City of Miami's Department of Housing & Community Development provides funding to support a wide range of programs that assist low-income residents, from programs that help develop skills for the future to programs that provide the stability needed to secure steady housing and income.    

The main objective of addressing public service needs is to develop a diverse network of social services directed toward enhancing the health, safety and overall well being of low and moderate income residents and persons with special needs.  

Note: The City of Miami provides funding to nonprofit agencies for the provision of social services to city residents. The City cannot guarantee that at any given time services will be available for all applicants. As it is the case with social services, demand often exceeds the funding available for the provision of such services.

Elderly Services  

The Department of Housing & Community Development provides funding to support the implementation of programs that assist seniors and the frail elderly. Service needs of the elderly include adult nutritional services, home services (medical), transportation, mental health, protective services, day care, basic life skills, and health information. Agencies awarded funding are organizations that recognize the needs of the local elderly population. Unfortunately, due to constant decreases in federal allocations, the city has been forced to reduce or eliminate some of the elderly services the city traditionally funded in the past   

The following minimum restrictions apply to qualify for this program:

Youth Services  

The provision of youth activities is an important component of the Department's strategy to foment the development of different life skills. In addition, youth services are needed to help divert energy from delinquent behavior to positive direction. Due to the city's socio-economic trends, young people spend a significant amount of time without adult supervision. Young people need supervised recreational activities and social services to keep them entertained while simultaneously securing their safety.

Childcare Services  

The objective is to foster and improve the 'quality of life' of disadvantaged children, including their parents, by providing superior childcare and social supportive services. In addition, childcare subsidies allow low-income families to enter the workforce; therefore, it is a vital component for those families attempting to take steps toward self sufficiency.  

Services for the Disabled  

The City supports and advocates on behalf of persons with disabilities through the provision of funding to programs that provide services responsive to the needs of this segment of the population.  

Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG)  

The Department receives Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) funding from the federal government to assist persons who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness. The Department is part of the local Continuum of Care (CoC) which is lead by the Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust. The City's Miami Homeless Assistance Program (MHAP) also works to assist the City's homeless population. You can learn more about their work at

If you are homeless or know someone who is homeless in need of help, please call the Homeless Helpline at 1-877-994-4357.      


For a complete description of housing programs and services, please visit our housing page.  

Other Services  

In addition to the mainstream services provided by the City, the Department also provides funding for other social services to assist city residents.

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