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Hurricane Procedures

Bulletin #1: General Employee Hurricane Preparedness
In the event a hurricane strikes South Florida, City employees should monitor radio and television stations broadcasting hurricane information. When the City Manager determines that it is safe for employees to return to work a notice will be issued via a press release through various radio and television stations. In addition, the City Manager may call for “essential personnel” to report back to work. Typically, this includes all operations personnel as well as those deemed “essential” by the City Manager. Please check with your supervisor, as to your status. If a mandatory call back of personnel is ordered, barring extreme circumstances, you will be expected to report to work as ordered. Failure to report to work during a mandatory call-back will result in disciplinary action to be taken against you per City policy and/or collective bargaining agreement(s).
Bulletin #2: Employee Hurricane Message Center



The City established an Employee Hurricane Message Center that provides information on reporting to work if a Tropical Storm or Hurricane is projected to strike during the workweek, on a weekend or a Monday. Information on when employees should report to work, information on alternative worksite assignments and the ability to report a change in your telephone contact number is available by calling the message center. The telephone number is (305) 329-4700. The message center will be updated frequently before, during, and after a storm.
Bulletin #3: Employee Assistance

The City has set up an employee emergency assistance telephone number that you may need to utilize after a hurricane has passed. Should you find yourself in need of assistance (i.e. damages to property, lack of transportation, or other disaster related issues) please call (305) 329-4700 and briefly explain your situation. Be sure to provide current contact information with an explanation of your hardship. Information provided on the employee emergency assistance telephone line may be recorded. The City works diligently to assist employees, as well as provide the necessary information to help with recovery efforts after a storm.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)/Counseling: Employees can call the external EAP line for counseling before, during, or after an emergency event. Internal EAP counseling may be available after an event and is contingent upon the City's ability to return to standard operations.

Employee Emergency Assistance: 305-329-4700
CIGNA EAP: 1-800-554-6931
Internal EAP Services: 305-416-2129

Bulletin #4: Reporting Procedures
Once the threat of a hurricane has passed employees are required to listen to radio and/or television broadcasting stations for information on when to report to work. Employees may also call the Employee Hurricane Message Center at (305) 329-4700. Once it is safe for employees to report to work, proceed as follows:
  • Report to your normal worksite for duty, unless you have been otherwise assigned, e.g.: assignment to NET offices.
  • If upon arrival you find that your worksite is inaccessible or damaged such that you are unable to perform your normal work duties you are to:
    – Report to an alternate location as posted at your workplace
    – For Example: A Logistics Staging Area (LSA) or Neighborhood Point of Distribution (NPOD)
    – Report to a location determined by a supervisor from within your department
    – Report to an alternate location as identified in the Employee Hurricane Message Center.
  • For the first few days following a hurricane casual wear will be acceptable office attire.
  • Upon clearance to report to work, employees should report for their normal work shift unless otherwise instructed.
  •  Reassigned duties and work hours will be determined as needed for emergency response operations.
Bulletin #5: Workplace Preparation
Should a Hurricane threaten South Florida the City of Miami must do everything possible to minimize its losses. Proper preparation of our worksites is an essential component of reducing the City's liability. Your assistance in completing the following procedures will greatly assist the City in reducing its liability in the event a Hurricane strikes our area.

If a Hurricane Watch is issued prior to leaving work for the day employees are required to perform the following:
  1. Follow all computer backup guidelines as issued by the Department of Information Technology regarding Computer Hurricane Emergency Procedures.
  2. Place all cardboard boxes in your work area above floor level.
  3. Provide keys to your desk and file cabinets to assigned office staff.


Weekday Preparation:
If a Hurricane Warning is issued or likely to be issued, prior to leaving work for the day, employees are to prepare their work area for the probability of a hurricane. This would involve the following:

  1. Placing all exposed papers and files in a desk drawer or file cabinet.
  2. Placing all desktop items, i.e., staplers, paper clip holders, in-baskets, pen and pencil holders, trinkets, etc., in a desk drawer or file cabinet.
  3. Covering computers, computer components, typewriters and books with plastic.
  4. Follow all computer backup guidelines as issued by the Department of Information Technology regarding Computer Hurricane Emergency Procedures.
  5. Remove all wall hangings in your work area and store above floor level.
  6. Offices with windows will require the removal of chairs, small furniture, wall hangings and plants to be placed in a secure area, preferably in a windowless office or storage area.
  7. Unplug all electronic equipment in your work area from electrical outlets. If you elect to disconnect computer components make sure all cables are marked.
  8. Close all doors in your work area.

Non-Workday Preparation:
If a Hurricane Warning is issued during the weekend, a day off or a holiday, your work area may be prepared by office staff assigned to this task. It is important that the keys to your desk and file cabinets are left with assigned office staff.

Employee Question and Answer Document:
The document included a the link below provides information on common questions employees have when the City is impacted by a storm.

        Question and Answer Document