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As of April 2013, there is only one method of applying for employment and promotional opportunities with the City of Miami.

Prospective applicants are encouraged to utilize the City of Miami's online application process powered by NEOGOV, unless specifically directed otherwise. The automated application provides applicants the ability to apply for City employment at their convenience during the recruitment period as long as applicants have internet access. Additionally, applicants can check their application status and save travel time, parking fees, and gas by accessing the online employment application. An applicant profile and application can be created and stored in the system and will be readily accessible by the applicant to submit for the next job in which the applicant is interested in applying. A unique email account is required in order to apply online. To submit an electronic application, please go to www.miamigov.com  or www.governmentjobs.com 

Faxes will not be accepted. The Employment Office is located at 444 SW 2nd Avenue, Room 129, Miami, FL 33130, and is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, excluding legal holidays or declared emergencies, unless otherwise specified.

In accordance with Civil Service Rule 5, Section 5.2, applications must be made on forms prescribed by the Director of Employees Relations and require information regarding training, experience, references, and other pertinent information. Applications  must be submitted by the closing date as indicated on the job posting or register announcement.

Typically, recruitments are closed on the last day of the work week, unless a compelling need arises to close them sooner, or unless the recruitment is a numerically-driven process. For recruitments with indefinite closing dates, a review of the applicant flow is made each week by Human Resources recruitment staff to determine whether additional recruitment time is needed. When an announcement has an indefinite closing date, it is to the applicant's advantage to apply as quickly as possible, as the recruitment may close on any given Friday with or without prior notification.

E-mail confirmations and electronic records viewable by City of Miami staff will automatically be generated to those who submit applications electronically. It is important that users check their e-mails regularly, and check the level at which they have their spam filters set to avoid missing messages from the City of Miami.


It is imperative that all applicants submit a thoroughly completed application form along with required documents as indicated on the job posting or register announcement each time he or she applies for a position. Please be aware that additional information or documents will not be accepted for purposes of determining eligibility after the closing date.

Copies of documents are acceptable to initially qualify, but original/official documents (licenses, transcripts, certificates, etc.) may be required prior to actual hire or promotion. Applicants should keep in mind that the application form is the employer's first impression of you prior to personal introductions, and is the most important factor in determining whether you are given further employment consideration. When specifying hours worked per week, please refrain from indicating "varied" as no credit will be awarded for such entries. Applicants must indicate the standard or average hours worked in order to be given credit for work experience.

Resumes may accompany the employment application, but may not be substituted in lieu of a City of Miami employment application form. Should there be conflicts between the data on the resume and employment application, the information shown on the application form will be relied upon as true and correct. All applications submitted to the City of Miami are subject to inspection in accordance with the provisions of State of Florida's Public Records Act.


Different City positions require various educational credentials, licenses, and/or certifications. College degrees are subject to verification of educational institution accreditation. It is required that you submit proof of the documents needed to demonstrate that you meet or exceed the requirements for the position for which you are applying. If education beyond high school is required, a transcript is usually needed at the time the application is submitted unless the degree submitted reflects the academic major on its face. For individuals that have obtained a degree here in the United States and the face of your diploma is written in Latin or another language, an unofficial transcript must be submitted with your application detailing your degree major and conferral date to determine your eligibility.  Official, sealed transcripts will be required prior to appointment to positions that require a degree. Please read the "Documentation" or "Note" sections of the job announcement to determine documentation requirements. Depending on the classification in question, it may also be necessary to submit proof of high school graduation, a valid driver's license, or other specified credentials at the time of application. Applicants submitting foreign degrees, certificates or diplomas with applications must also submit transcript evaluations performed by American colleges, universities, and NACES approved transcript evaluation services that determine reciprocity to training or degrees completed in the United States.


In accordance with Florida Statute 295, the City of Miami will award United States military veterans who meet the criteria stipulated in the aforementioned statute preference in employment. All applicants seeking veteran's preference are required to present a legible Form DD-214 in order to qualify. All Forms DD-214 are required to be submitted. Applicants claiming disabled veteran's preference must also submit a letter from the Department of Defense or the Veteran's Administration that is less than one year old at the time of application which indicates that the applicant possesses a current, service-connected disability, and states the rating of same. Documents from the Veteran's Administration that reflect a permanent service-connected disability will be considered despite issue dates prior to one year. In addition to the Form DD-214, applicants who have been awarded combat campaign/expeditionary medals that are not reflected on the Form DD-214 must submit supplemental documents from the Department of Defense that demonstrate possession of a combat campaign / expeditionary medal by the closing date. All relevant documents must be submitted for the closing date in order to have preference awarded. For additional information concerning veterans' preference, please contact:

The Florida Department of Veterans' Affairs
By phone at: (727) 319-7462
By email: postd@fdva.state.fl.us
Website: http://www.floridavets.org

More information on Veterans' Preference


For those positions that require keyboarding, shorthand, transcription or computer application skills, the initial screening will be scheduled by the Employment Office staff (Room 129) Monday through Thursday from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Please read the announcement thoroughly as requirements may vary depending on the position.

Anyone possessing a valid typing, shorthand, transcription or computer application certificate issued by the City of Miami Department of Human Resources or an accredited school or college will not be required to take the aforementioned tests providing that such certificate is not more than one-year old and the level of proficiency is at the appropriate level.

The aforementioned certificates do not expire for City employees provided that they are employed in a clerical capacity that would require the use of such skill and provided they have the certificates of proficiency on file. In order to qualify, an applicant's certificate must indicate the minimum correct words per minute transcribed, typed or entered.


In the event that an applicant feels that he or she was unfairly disqualified, a written letter of appeal may be addressed and submitted to the Director of Human Resources stating the reason for said appeal. Eligibility Appeals should be submitted as quickly as the applicant receives notification of their ineligible determination, but not later than 2 weeks after the date of notification.

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions link on the City's webpage for additional details. If you do not have access to the internet, perhaps you might consider visiting your public library, or a Technology Learning Center at one of the City of Miami's parks.


The City of Miami is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of age, disability, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation. Each application is screened based on its individual merits. During the screening process, credit for work experience will not be granted for volunteer or unpaid internship experience. Only verifiable, paid work experience will be considered in the screening process. At the discretion of Human Resources staff, information on the application and supporting documents may be verified to clarify or ensure the validity of information provided. It is in each applicant's best interest to be thorough and forthcoming in the information provided given that exaggerated, omitted or false statements may be grounds for disqualification, or if hired, cause for termination or action pursuant to Florida State Statute 838.022.


Once recruitment for a position closes, applications are screened by professional staff to determine the applicant's eligibility. For positions in the classified service, a list of all eligible applicants is established with the names of those who have been determined eligible based on their meeting minimum qualifications. Only those names appearing on a certification list generated by the Department of Human Resources may be considered for appointment unless authorized pursuant to a Civil Service Rule or by the Civil Service Board.


If you are an applicant, it is important that the Department of Human Resources be notified of any change in contact information or personal data by completing a Data Change Form, which can be obtained online or at the City of Miami Employment Office.


CLASSIFIED - Recruitment to fill a position covered by the Civil Service Rules.

Competitive - A recruitment that requires an assembled examination in order to be determined an eligible candidate for consideration.

Non-competitive - A recruitment not requiring an assembled examination to determine eligibility. Instead, applicants are evaluated and determined eligible based on their training and experience as indicated on the application form for employment.

Restricted - Recruitment is limited to a specific group of applicants as specified on the job announcement.

Promotional - Recruitment is limited to employees in a lower job classification in the same occupational area.

Open - Recruitment is open to all who are interested in applying and who meet the requirements.

UNCLASSIFIED - The manner in which recruitments are conducted is not covered by the Civil Service Rules. Positions may be filled at the discretion of the City Manager.


CITY OF MIAMI Employment Office
444 SW 2nd Avenue, Room #702
Miami, FL 33130


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