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The Recruitment section is responsible for creating and advertising recruitments for current City of Miami job vacancies to the public and/or City of Miami employees. As well, Recruitment personnel are responsible for screening and determining applicant eligibility for advertised job vacancies according to the positions' advertised job requirements.

The Recruitment section also provides resume evaluation and career counseling. Our services are provided within the guidelines of the Civil Service Rules; local, state and federal laws and best practices in the field of Human Resources. The Recruitment and Selection staff also participates in career fairs and other outreach recruitment efforts to provide the most qualified employees for our residents.

There are various types of recruitments:

CLASSIFIED- Recruitment to fill a position covered by the Civil Service Rules.

Competitive A recruitment that requires a formal/structured examination in order to be determined an eligible candidate for employment consideration.

Non-competitive A recruitment not requiring a formal/structured examination to determine eligibility for employment consideration. Instead, applicants are evaluated and determined eligible based on their training and experience as indicated on the application form for employment.

Restricted Recruitment is limited to a specific group of applicants as specified on the job announcement. Typically City of Miami employees will only be considered for restricted recruitments.

Promotional Recruitment is limited to City of Miami employees in a lower job classification in the same occupational area who have no less than a specified amount of time.

Open Recruitment is open to all who are interested in applying and who meet the requirements, regardless of status as a City of Miami employee.

UNCLASSIFIED - The manner in which recruitments are conducted is not covered by the Civil Service Rules. Positions may be filled at the discretion of the City Manager.

The type of recruitment has a bearing on the manner in which the recruitment is conducted.

The Department of Human Resources makes the public aware if its employment opportunities by several means:

Posting all vacancies in the Employment Office
Posting all vacancies in the Civil Service Board
City of Miami's 24-hour job hotline - 305-416-2050
College placement offices
Community Organizations as indicated on our mailing list
Job Interest Cards
Presentations to targeted audiences
Notification Cards
Newspaper & Professional journal advertisements
Radio advertisements
Search Firms (for Executive positions as determined by the City Manager)

For more information on City of Miami Recruitments please contact:

City of Miami Employment Office
444 SW 2nd Ave
Miami, FL 33131


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