"Communication, Collaboration, Solutions!"

Our Mission

The Neighborhood Enhancement Team (NET) helps residents, businesses and property owners access city, county, state and federal government services. Our NET offices strive to raise the quality of life in Miami neighborhoods by providing resources, as well as information, and serving as the primary link to City government.

What We Do

With 10 offices throughout the City of Miami, NET serves as your primary link to municipal and government services. NET offices are localized city administration buildings designed to serve at the neighborhood level; where residents and business owners can go to obtain answers to questions and help with city services. The NET team works together with the various City departments to coordinate resources and resolve problems.

NET partners with residents, community groups, businesses and other public entities to improve the quality of life of our neighborhoods.

The City of Miami NET provides the following services:

You may contact your local NET office to discuss any issues or concerns regarding your neighborhood:

You may also come in person to obtain information or apply for the following permits:

Please call your local NET Office to request the following signs: