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About Coral Way

The Architecture in the Coral Way neighborhoods reflects the early Twentieth Century. Some of the oldest sections contain a mixture of Spanish Mission and Bungalow homes of the 1920’s, along with the Art Deco style from the 1930’s and the modest post World War II dwellings.

The Coral Way area is best known for its historic urban boulevard along SW 22nd Street (Coral Way). One of the main thoroughfares between Coral Gables and the City of Miami, Coral Way passes through the City of Miami between SW 27th Avenue and Brickell Avenue. The Coral Way Corridor began in 1922 with citrus lined streets; later growing to have streetcar tracks down the center of the road. In 1929, a Roadside Beautification Program was started, and 1200 Banyan trees were planted along the median of the boulevard. Today, Coral Way remains one of the most beautiful corridors in South Florida.

The Coral Way NET Office works closely with area residents, merchants and neighborhood organizations in an effort to actively address issues of concern.  NET also works closely with the neighbors to enhance the community through events and beautification projects.  The Coral Way area has many active Homeowners’ Associations that work with the NET office to enhance the quality of life in the area. Some of the Associations involved include: Shenandoah, The Roads, Silver Bluff, and Bryan Park.

The Little Havana / Coral Way NET boundaries are as follows:
North boundary: NW 7th Street between 22nd and 27th Ave, SR 836 between NW 22nd Ave and 14th Ave and the Miami River.
South boundary: US 1 between 27th Ave and 30th Road, turning into South Miami between SW 30th Road and SW 15th Road.
East boundary: SW 1st Ave
West boundary: 27th Ave

If you would like to learn more about the Coral Way area, or would like to get involved in your community, please contact the NET Office at 305-960-5131.