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About Little Havana

Landmark sites and attractions within the Little Havana area include the 2506 Brigade Memorial, in honor of the Cuban patriots who fought in the Bay of Pigs Invasion, Màximo Gomez Park, better known as Domino Park where older, middle aged and young people meet over a traditional game of dominoes. In addition, past 12th Avenue, the Miami River crawls on its way to Biscayne Bay.

On its shores river-related industries are found and yachts, sailboats, cruisers and houseboats pack more than a score of public and private docks.

The population is over 50,000 and has the highest residential density in the city. This residential area is comprised of a combination of single-family, duplex and medium density multi-family structures but the majority of all of the housing units are apartments.

The celebration of Viernes Culturales every last Friday of the month (since May 2000) has revitalized the area of SW 8 Street between 14th and 17th Avenues resulting in the opening of art galleries and other businesses. The opening of the Tower Theatre and the new “Latin Quarter Plaza” on SW 8th St and 15th Ave next to Domino Park, and the new Latin Quarter Specialty Center make this intersection the “heart” of Little Havana.

Little Havana is known regionally, nationally and internationally because of the different cultural and social activities such as the “Calle Ocho Carnaval”, parades and folklore that attract millions of people every year.

The Miami River corridor will soon see major changes and these exciting improvements will make river communities an outstanding location to live, work, and play. The Miami Office of the Trust for Public Land has developed plans, raised funds and educated the public in economic and social merits of developing publicly accessible river walk or greenway trail along the river. This exciting project will bring retail and entertainment venues to the river bank in the downtown area and be a” destination landscape” for both tourist and citizens. Greenway trails will link river neighborhoods to the waterfront and to parks, which will improve the quality of life of residents.

Over 150,000 visitors come to visit Little Havana via bus tours and some by automobile, in addition to millions that come during special events. If more tourist related facilities are developed, the number of tourists coming to the area can dramatically increase. A section of Little Havana (east of 8 Ave. and North of SW 6 St.) has been designated as part of the Empowerment Zone which will bring numerous benefits to the area.