After School

After School Programs Our After School Program gives children a safe place to participate in fun, athletic and special programs which help to encourage them to learn, get involved in physical activity and explore their creativity.

After School runs from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., for children ages 6 - 13 during the school year, children have a wide range of activities to participate in. The City of Miami Parks and Recreation Department offers both paid and free after school programs.

After School Programs are offered at each of the following parks providing there is a minimum enrollment of 12 children.

                                                              After School Program Parks

  Armbrister Park  
  Athalie Range Park  
  Bryan Park *  
  Buena Vista Park  
  Charles Hadley Park  
  Coral Gate Park  
  Curtis Park Sports Complex  
  Dorsey Park  
  Elizabeth Virrick Park  
  Juan Pablo Duarte Park  
  Gibson Park  
  Grapeland Heights Park  
  Henry Reeves Park  
  Henderson Park  
  Jose Marti Park  
  Kinloch Park  
  Legion Memorial Park  
  Lemon City Park *  
  Lummus Park  
Little Haiti Park
  Moore Park **
       Morningside Park (paid)  
Peacock Park
  Roberto Clemente  
  Robert King High Park  
  Shenandoah Park  
  West End Park  
  Williams Park  

A $10 registration fee is assesed annually when a child is enrolled in a park program for the first time for that year. A year is considered summer to summer.

For more information, on After School Programs and when registration begins in your community, please contact the park.

The City of Miami Department of Parks and Recreation participates in the Afterschool Snack Program, a subcomponent of the Child Care Food Program.  This program is designed primarily to provide nutritious snacks to children in the Afterschool Programs.  Snacks are available at no separate charge to the children in the above listed sites unless otherwise noted.


* Park(s) currently not participating in the snack program.

** Park(s) starting the snack program in the next 30 days.