City Cemetery

City Cemetery Located on the edge of downtown lies the city's oldest cemetery. The City Cemetery was created in 1887, a year after the City of Miami was incorporated. It is one of the few cemeteries where the owners of the plot actually hold a deed to the land where the plot is situated.

In 1983 the cemetery was classified as a historic landmark and in the years since it has been through a series of repairs, refurbishment and improvements which continue to happen thanks to the support of local foundations including the Dade Heritage Trust, and TREEmendous Miami.

With close to 10,000 plots, in it's earliest use the cemetery was split into two parcels, one for whites and one for blacks, then in 1915 the City sold two lots to B'nai Zion, the first Jewish synagogue. These lots were walled following Jewish tradition and the walls can still be seen today.

Many of Miami's founders are buried in the City Cemetery. Well known names we come in contact with on a daily basis today such as Burdine, Peacock, Tuttle, Duval, Sewell and Jackson can be visited. Veterans of the Civil War, Spanish-American War and World War I and II can also be found here, marking the time line of the City of Miami's history and what our City has lost and gained during it's 117 year existence.

Approximately 1,000 open plots still remain within the City Cemetery but to be buried the criteria is strict. One must be able to produce proof of ownership for a plot and must be either the deed holder or able to prove familial relationship to the owner. Friends of the family are not allowed.

Currently between 10 and 20 burials occur every year at the City Cemetery. Operated by the City of Miami Parks and Recreation's Operation Department, they maintain the property's building, facilities and grounds. Tombstones and gravesite maintenance is the sole responsibility of the plot owner.

All cemetery records are housed at Operation's main office and checked against with every burial request. For more information on the City Cemetery call 305-579-6938.