Day Care

Day Care Photo of children The City of Miami Department of Parks and Recreation operates three childcare centers. The centers do not simply offer baby-sitting services, but a comprehensive educational environment designed to stimulate the intellectual curiosity of 2 to 5 year olds.

The administrative body of the program consists of the Day Care Administration, Center Supervisors and representatives in the categories of community people, parents and staff. The committee meets whenever necessary to review the centers and their policies.

Operation of the childcare program is funded by a grant from the State of Florida's Department of Health, the USDA Food Program, and the City of Miami General Fund, from tuition fees and Miami-Dade County Title XX.

Parents are assessed a fee based on the child's age. Limited space is available in the Daycare centers.

Click here to download a pdf file of the program's policies.

City of Miami Day Care Center Locations

  1. Moore Park
    756 NW 36th St.
    Phone: (305) 635-2739
  2. Eaton Day Care
    490 NE 61 Street
    Phone: (305) 759-3507
  3. Lemon City Day Care
    27 NE 58th Street
    Phone: (305) 759-3507