Day Care

The Plan

The city of Miami Parks and Information Technology departments have partnered to bring Technology Learning Centers, or eParks, to selected City of Miami neighborhood parks.

The overall mission of eParks is to bridge the “digital divide” by providing "technology learning" environments to City residents through the implementation of a network of Neighborhood Technology Learning Centers in City of Miami Parks located in all five City districts.

Location Listings

Objectives of the eParks program:

  1. To provide a safe, technology enhanced environment which enables children and youths to obtain homework assistance, develop creative expression, participate in educational games and learning opportunities, and develop the appropriate skill sets necessary for academic and career success
  2. To create a learning environment for adults that provides access to a wide range of resources which enhance their lives and facilitate job searches, business activities, and career development.
  3. Establish a model at designated parks which will showcase the use of adaptive technology for individuals with special needs to assist with the enhancement of life and career skills (partner with non-profit, Shake-a-Leg).
In the creation of the eParks initiative the City of Miami seeks to address the needs of all of its residents: Access to these communications tools will empower residents who are searching for homework assistance, jobs, educational and training opportunities and information on available government services available to them.

It is envisioned that each of these individualized web homepages will contain links to the following tools and services: