Environmental Parks

The City of Miami Parks and Recreation Department has a number of environmental projects that focus on restoration, conservation and preservation.

Simpson Park is the oldest nature park within the City of Miami limits. A small green oasis in the middle of downtown Miami, it holds onto historic trees and offers rambling paths that tell the green story of Miami.
Virginia Key Beach is a coastal hammock area that has seen a metamorphosis from exotic plant dominance to the restoration and reintroduction of endangered species. Some plants that are on the endangered species list can only be found at Virginia Key. The 32 acre project has been successful thanks to countless volunteer hours from local and national organizations.

Through the City of Miami, hammocks have been introduced to bring back to parks the lush canopy and green space that once was enjoyed back before the days of urban sprawl. Alice Wainwright, Kennedy Park, Duarte Park and West End Park have been ideal sites for planting trees that can renew and increase the green space footprints.

We invite you to visit our parks and learn about the preservation of our natural areas for the current and future park users.

Virginia Key, 4020 Virginia Beach Drive, Key Biscayne, FL, Tel: (305) 859-2867

Simpson Park, 5 SW 17th Road, Miami, Fl, Tel: (305) 859-2867