Miami's Guide to Inclusion in our Community (MAGIC)

MAGIC provides recreational programs and adaptive sports activities for persons of all abilities. MAGIC is a recreational program thatTennis believes a community with integrity is one in which people with disabilities, recreates, plays, and learns together.

This program strives to provide an outlet for participants to become involved in diverse, constructive recreation/sports endeavors while making connections with other members of the community. For more information, call Nadia Arguelles at (305) 960-4960.

Some of the programs offered are:


Wheel Chair Tennis

We offer various wheel chair sports programs throughout the City of Miami Parks. The Wheel Chair programs are recreational in nature. We offer wheel chair tennis, hand cycling and basketball.

The Tennis Wheelchair Program is located at Bryan Park for adults and children. Bryan park is located at 2301 SW 13 St. Call Coach Noel Cubela at (305) 663-7150.

Hand cycling

Hand cycling is a seasonal program for individuals with physical disabilities at Curtis Park located at 1901 NW 24 Avenue.

The program is offered the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month by way of two different sessions. Every participant must pre-register by calling the phone number below:

Session 1: 10:00am - 11:30am
Session 2: 12:30pm - 2:00pm
Rafael Abreu (305) 416-1129.

Adaptive Aquatics

All of the Aquatics Programs offered within the City of Miami Parks are inclusive. For more information, call the facility for times and dates.

Accessible Pools

Park Address and Phone Accessibility
Curtis Park 1901 NW 24th Ave
(305) 634-4961
Ramp with Chair
Hadley Park 11300 NW 50th St
(305) 634-5791
Harness & portable ramp
Jose Marti Park 362 SW 4th St (305)
(305) 575-2103
Ramp with Chair
Morningside 750 NE 55 Terr
(305) 754-1242
Ramp with Chair
Shenandoah Park 1800 SW 21st Ave
(305) 856-9551
Ramp with Chair
Williams Park 1717 NW 5th Ave
(305) 579-6978
Ramp with Chair
West End Park 250 SW 60th Ave
Ramp with Chair
Virrick Park 3255 Plaza St.
(305) 445-0123
Ramp with Chair
Range Park 525 NW 62nd St
(305) 757-7961
Ramp with Chair
Grapeland Park 1550 NW 37th Ave
(305) 960-2950
Zero Entry and a chair for pool, harness
for lazy river and beach entry

Accessible & Boundless Playgrounds

Park Address and Phone Accessibility
Morningside Park 750 NE 55 Terr (305) 754-1242 Accessible
Fern Isle Park 2201 NW 11 St (305) 642-1925 Accessible
Jose Marti Park 362 SW 4th St (305) 575-2103 Accessible
Kinloch Park 1901 NW 24th Ave (305) 634-4961 Accessible
Bryan Park 2301 SW 13 St (305) 663-7150 Boundless
Shenandoah Park 1800 SW 21st Ave (305) 856-9551 Boundless
Grapeland Park 1550 NW 37th Ave (305) 633-5536 Boundless
Armbrister Park 236 Grand Ave (305) 442-0376 Boundless
Unity Park 2175 N. River Drive Boundless
Riverside Park 799 Sw 4th St Boundless