Summer Camps

Summer Camp Participants ages 6 - 13, can enjoy a variety of activities at several facilities throughout the City's park system. We offer as part of the summer program the Summer Free Lunch program, field trips, learn-to-swim and sports. In July campers participate in the Talent Show which allows the different parks to perform for the enjoyment of friends and family.

All of our parks have a set number of campers they are allowed to register, so parents are advised to contact your preferred park to find out when registration opens.

                                       Summer Camp Locations

  African Square Park  
  Armbrister Park  
  Bryan Park  
  Buena Vista Park  
  Roberto Clemente  
  Charles Hadley Park  
  Coral Gate Park  
  Curtis Park Sports Complex  
  Dorsey Park  
  Douglas Park  
  Elizabeth Virrick Park  
  Fern Isle Park  
  Gibson Park   
  Grapeland Heights Park  
  Henderson Park  
  Henry Reeves Park  
  Jose Marti Park  
  Juan Pablo Duarte Park  
  Kinloch Park  
  Legion Memorial Park  
  Lemon City Park  
  Little Haiti Soccer Park  
  Lummus Park  
  Moore Park
  Morningside Park  
  Athalie Range  
  Henry Reeves Park  
  Robert King High Park  
  Shenandoah Park  
  West End Park  
Williams Park  
  Peacock Park