Director’s Letter

Aspiring towards an environmentally friendly lifestyle is essential in the world we exist in today. We live during a time where the choices we make will impact the health and beauty of our communities. It is important we take pride in our neighborhoods. The City of Miami has taken an environmental stance on enhancing and improving our communities. Through the Keep Miami Beautiful Campaign there are many changes and green initiatives taking place in the City.

The Department of Solid Waste has launched a recycling and zero waste outreach campaign with the goal of sprouting a sense of environmental stewardship and responsibility within the community. Over the past year they have been visiting schools and engaging students to become Keep Miami Beautiful Ambassadors as well as participating in a number of community events. They enthusiastically engage children and teachers as well as parents and visitors in presentations geared towards recycling. The Solid Waste Department is also currently working in partnership with the Downtown Development Authority to bring recycling to businesses, restaurants, condominiums, and high rises alike in the Downtown and Brickell area.

It is important that the City of Miami understands recycling conserves natural resources, saves energy, reduces pollution, and decreases the amount trash taken to landfills. Recycling is simple and can be accomplished by making small changes in daily routines. The Department of Solid Waste is a community resource. If you would like more information on tips for recycling, the Keep Miami Beautiful campaign, or have any other concerns please visit or email