Do's and Don'ts


  1.  Place all garbage inside your container. Recycle as much as possible to leave room for garbage in the cart. The automated system cannot collect garbage or recyclables set out in other cans that are not City approved.
  2. Only put acceptable trash/garbage items in your green container, no All garbage MUST be bagged and properly secured so that contents do not spill out.
  3. Roll your cart to the street and place it with wheels against the curb by 6:00 a.m. on your desig-nated collection day. The green container must be properly closed with lid closed.
  4. Leave at least five (5) feet of clearance on both sides and top of your Green bin so that the me-chanical arm can collect the cart.
  5. Remember to bring in the cart by 10:00 p.m. on collection day to avoid a citation/fine. Please store the container on a safe place to avoid theft.


  1. Do Not place trash outside the container in trash bags or in other containers. The system can only collect the garbage in the designated cart.
  2. Do Not place Household Hazardous Waste (paint, motor oil, gasoline, household cleaners, etc) in green container for pick up. These are accepted at the Home Chemical Man-agement plant, call 311 for more information.
  3. Do Not place rocks, concrete, sand, dirt or any construction materials inside the container.
  4. Do Not place hot materials such as charcoal in cart, it will damage and melt the plastic cart.
  5. Do Not place trash or garbage in the recycling cart as it will contaminate the recyclables.