Recycling helps save the Earth by preserving the environment, saving energy, mitigating global warming, reducing pollution, litter, illegal dumping and reducing waste products in our landfills. As residents in the City of Miami, we have the responsibility to ensure the resiliency in the city for years to come.

On October 1, 2012, the City of Miami Department of Solid Waste launched its Fully Automated Recycling Program. This system is simi-lar to our existing automated garbage collection system, which was introduced to 68,000 residents in the Winter of 2002. This sys-tem is designed to be more cost-efficient, improve collection performance, reduce job related injuries and enhance the quality of services for our residents.

The Blue 96 Gallon Recycle Cart allows you to recycle more products than ever before and is fast, easy and convenient to wheel your recycle cart out for collection.

For more information on this program please call the Solid Waste Department Customer Service Division at 311.