Strategic Objectives

The Department of Solid Waste is comprised of a mixture of professionally trained and experienced employees who oversee the planning, management, and supervision of the City's solid waste, bulky item, street sweeping, street litter collection, dead animal removal and recycling collection programs. The Department is also responsible for the collection of fees derived from the commercial solid waste franchise system and for the provision of code enforcement services vis-a-vis Chapter 22 of the City Code to help ensure the highest quality of life for both the residents and business of the city of Miami. The Department ensures that solid waste materials are collected, transported, recovered, and disposed in accordance with City goals and in a manner that assures public health for the city of Miami community.

The Department of Solid Waste is the exclusive service provider for the City's single-family residential sector for refuse, recycling, and bulky item collection. The Department also leads Keep Miami Beautiful with a goal to enhance environmental awareness, beautify the public right-of-way, deter illegal dumping behavior, and ensure code compliance. Keep Miami Beautiful inspires, educates and empowers people in Miami to take action every day to improve and beautify their community environments.

Through the source reduction and recycling division, the Department promotes environmental education at schools, community events, neighborhood associations, social media, as well as the use of promotional and educational materials directly handed out to businesses and residents.