How to Apply

Film Permit

Step 1 Scouting for a shoot and not sure if your location is within our jurisdiction? Take a look at our City of Miami Zoning Map and check for yourself!

Step 2 Once you have determined that your shooting site is within the City of Miami limits you may apply for your City of Miami Film Permit

Step 3 You will be asked to submit all required documentation and information needed for your shoot

Step 4 Once all of the documents received are approved a film permit will be issued

*NOTE*: Depending on the nature and scope of your event, City of Miami services must be hired to ensure a safe and successful event. Staffing will be determined by City Administration and may include Police, Fire Rescue, Solid Waste, Parks and others. Event Organizers will also need to display a route map/site plan for the event. If using street closures, a maintenance of traffic (MOT) plan is required to be displayed to City Staff. This document is provided by a barricade company of your choice.