To effectively control and reduce the City's risks through the centralized administration of comprehensive risk management and employee benefit programs and to provide optimum service to employees and the public through a variety of interrelated health, safety and liability/loss control programs. The provision of these crucial prevention-oriented programs greatly enhances the working environment and serves as an incentive for employee recruitment, retention and satisfaction, while protecting the City's assets, employees and citizens.


To provide services and support to the City, which will ensure a safe environment while minimizing losses. The Risk Management Department is responsible for identifying and analyzing the probability of losses; recommending insurance needs, self-insurance or assumption of risk; administering self-insured programs; preparing bid specifications of bid requirements for contracts; analyzing and recommending coverage's; reviewing contracts for risk and insurance adherence; inspecting and recommending corrections to the physical property for the protection of life and property; conducting educational safety programs; monitoring compliance with certain government safety regulations; tracking certificates of insurance and contracts; and tracking savings generated by vendors and programs.