Safety Division

The Safety Division is responsible for evaluating the safety and health of the working environments for the City's more than 3,500 employees. The Safety Division formulates and implements initiatives that minimize or eliminate unsafe conditions in the workplace in an effort to increase employee productivity. These policies and procedures are continuously reviewed to ensure that the goals and objectives of a safe working environment are being achieved.

During the last two years the Safety Division has developed a citywide Loss Control and Claims Prevention Program, which includes the inspection of City facilities, equipment, employee working conditions, and review of employee driving records histories in an effort to prevent on-the-job accidents. Emphasis has been placed on the development of programs that promote employee safety education through training and established methods and techniques that specifically address specific needs.

Analysis of departmental loss history reports prepared by the Claims Division have enabled the Safety Division to identify and isolate specific safety issues for investigation and analysis in order to make recommendations and provide education through training to reduce the frequency and severity of on-the-job injuries and accidents. The Safety Division is committed to implementing behavior-based health and safety programs that are designed to protect employees and the public from injuries and minimize the City's exposure to loss and property damage.