Table of Contents

Section I - General Orientation
• Safety Statement from City Manager
• City of Miami Employee Safety Statement
• General Orientation Program "Safety Makes Sense"
• What is Safety Management?"
• Hazard Recognition and Assessment

Section II - Medical Treatment of Injuries / Illnesses
• Medical Treatment of Work-Related Injuries / Illnesses

• Workers’ Compensation Policies and Procedures

Section III - Administrative Responsibilities
• Safety and Loss Prevention Policy
• Public Works Positions Requiring Licensure / Certifications Matrix

Section IV - General Safety Standards
• Required Safety Training Matrix for Public Works Department
• Safe Driving Rules
• General Safety Rules, Policies and Procedures

Section V - Public Works Safety Rules, Policies and Procedures
• Public Works Safety Rules, Policies and Procedures


Appendix - Supplemental Information
• Personal Protective Equipment Matrix
• Sun Safety – What Outdoor-Based Employees Should Know
• Forms Completion Matrix
• Hand Signals Graphics
• Lane Closure of a Minor Road Graphics
• Florida Legal Truck Loads Classification
• Public Access Defibrillation Program
• Accident Investigation Guidelines

Appendix - Forms
• Supervisor Report of Employee Accident/Injury
• Supervisor’s Report of Vehicle Accident
• Accident Investigation Form
• Report of Incident / Property Damage / Injury Form
• Required Safety Equipment Signature Form
• Driver’s Vehicle Inspection Report
• Facility Safety Inspection Checklist
• Storm Season Employee Safety / Facility Checklist