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Mission Statement

The Department of Housing & Community Development assists in creating a viable urban community for the most needy persons in our City while reducing poverty, embracing diversity, assisting with economic development, and improving the overall quality of life

Vision Statement

The Department of Housing & Community Development utilizes the grant funds it receives from federal and state government sources to carry out various community development activities that aide in providing decent housing, suitable living environments, improved community facilities and services, and the expansion of economic opportunities for the disadvantaged so as to assist those least likely to benefit from the economic growth projected for the City.


The primary objective of the Department of Housing & Community Development is to enhance the quality of life of residents within our community. The Department of Housing & Community Development is proud to serve the citizens of Miami as we continually strive for excellence to improve the quality of life for those City residents most in need.

Community Development Funding

Local Private For-Profit and Non-Profit organizations located within the City of Miami boundaries can apply to the City's Department of Housing & Community Development for funding to serve residents in the areas of Social Services, Housing and Economic Development. The goal is to revitalize the City of Miami's communities and integrate economic, physical, environmental, and community and human development needs in the process.

The City of Miami receives majority of its grant funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for its CDBG, HOME and HOPWA Programs to benefit very low, low and moderate-income persons. Some grant funds are also received from some local and state agencies. A significant portion of the funding is granted to the department for the purpose of disbursement to local organizations approved through a formal process. Ultimately, the funds are given to meet the following objectives:

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Housing & Community Development