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Management Tools and Procedures

The following resources are available to supervisors, managers, or others with supervisory responsibility for handling a variety of Labor-related situations. For additional assistance contact Labor Relations at 305-416-2060.

Employee Classifications

Regardless of classification, supervisors and managers must apply Progressive Disciplinary Guidelines consistently to all employees using the resources that pertain to the specific employee classification.


Progressive Discipline Guidelines APM 1-94: Progressive Discipline

Additional resources for Progressive Discipline include Collective Bargaining Agreements, Civil Service Rules and Regulations, the Administrative Policy Manual, and other Departmental Orders, Rules, Regulations or Standard Operating Procedures.

FOSA Guidelines

-FOSA Guidelines adapted from Documenting Discipline by Mike Deblieux, 1995.


Discipline and Documentation Resources

Progressive Discipline Guidelines: Sample Documents

Informal Counseling: Incident Diary
Formal Counseling: Record of Formal Counseling

The Department Director, or Chief if the Director is not available, and the employee MUST
sign the following.

Written Reprimand: Written Reprimand Memorandum
Suspension: Suspension Letter
Demotion: Contact Labor Relations for all matters related to demotions.
Dismissal/Termination: Contact Labor Relations for all matters related to dismissal/termination.


Effective Management Techniques
Addressing Challenging Behaviors
Handling Issues of Direct Orders And Insubordination
Being An Effective Management Witness


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