Bicycle Action Plan

A Bicycle Action Committee was formed as a subcommittee of the Miami Green Commission and was tasked with forming policies related to the inclusion of bicycle friendly infrastructure, events, education, etc. The Bicycle Action Committee was comprised of residents, commuter cyclists, business owners, Miami-Dade Bicycle Coordinator, Miami-Dade Public Works, and various department representatives from the City of Miami. Over 6 months a short range list of priorities and basic mapping of primary bicycle routes were identified and composed into the Bicycle Action Plan.

On October 16, 2008, the Miami City Commission unanimously adopted the City's first ever Bicycle Action Plan. The Bicycle Action Plan has helped to transform the City of Miami into a more bicycle friendly city, through the designation of primary routes and beginning a coordination of infrastructure, development, and education. The Bicycle Action Plan was developed as a short term list of goals while developing a more comprehensive Bicycle Master Plan of long term goals.

The Bicycle Action Plan includes a proposed primary and secondary bicycle network to create a series of connected bicycle safe routes. The proposed network provides a combination of bike lanes, greenways, shared routes, and neighborhood signed routes. The current map serves as a basis for the planned Bicycle Master Plan network.

View the Bicycle Action Plan (PDF)

View the Map of the BAP's proposed bicycle network (PDF)