Bicycle Action Committee

The Bicycle Action Committee (BAC) was formed in 2008 as a means to push Miami forward to become a Bicycle Friendly City. The BAC is composed of representatives from various City departments, business owners, and cycling advocates. The BAC was responsible for the creation of the 2008 Bicycle Action Plan which set in motion the 2009 Bicycle Master Plan which sets to make Miami a Bicycle Friendly City by 2012.

The BAC is provided information on the activities leading toward making Miami a Bicycle Friendly City, and their input is taken into account moving forward. The group is tasked to come up with a White Paper item monthly to be provided to the Chairman of the Green Commission.

The group is a sub-committee to the Miami Green Commission. The BAC meets formally the last Monday of every month in the City Hall Staff Room 3500 Pan American Drive. The Current Chairman of the BAC is Richard Cahlin. If you have a specific question as to the Committee, or if there is something you would like to see done to help make Miami a more Bicycle Friendly City, please email City of Miami Bicycle Coordinator Collin Worth