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Parks and Public Spaces Master Plan

Conceptual Design
The Miami Parks and Public Spaces Master Plan is a comprehensive plan to guide the park system during Miami's 21st century urban renaissance. The plan views parks and public spaces through multiple lenses, including urban design, recreation, community development, cultural identity, and environmental sustainability, to envision a linked system of parks and public spaces that provides aesthetic, recreational and environmental benefits to residents, neighborhoods, and the city as a whole, with connections to broader regional resources. Please refer to the attached final master plan report entitled "A Vision for Miami's Twenty-first Century Parks and Public Spaces" which demonstrates a high quality and level of professionalism and true excellence of analysis, writing, graphics, and character of presentation.


Please direct any questions or comments regarding the City of Miami Parks and Public Spaces Master Plan to the City of Miami Planning Department via planning@ci.miami.fl.us.

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Last updated on December 11, 2008