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Urban Development Review Board (UDRB)


The purpose of the Urban Development Review Board (UDRB) is to review and recommend to the Director of Planning and Zoning for approval, approval with conditions or denial of projects within certain zoning districts as per section 5.6.4.d, section and appendix A of the Miami 21 Code, based on the urban quality, compatibility and contribution to the architectural and social fabric of the City.

Requirements and Procedure


  • All projects over 200,000 square feet. (Art
  • All projects asking for a waiver of parking within the First Layer on a primary frontage with an artistic or glass treatment. (Art. 5.6.4.d).
  • All projects for new construction on Charles Avenue within the NCD-2 Conservation District. (Appendix A 2.4.1).

Other projects may be referred to the UDRB at the Planning and Zoning Director’s discretion to receive additional professional input:

- Projects requesting a Waiver, an Exception, or a Special Area Plan
- Projects located on the waterfront.
- Projects requesting murals, artistic treatments or other architectural treatments on the exterior of buildings.
- Any other project the Director of Planning and Zoning deems necessary to receive additional professional input as provided by the intent of the UDRB.


The UDRB meets the third Wednesday of every Month (except August) at 2:00pm at the City Hall Chambers, 3500 Pan American Drive, Coconut Grove. Meeting times may vary based on agenda requirements.

The Project Architect or designee shall be present at the time of the submittal and prepared to respond technical questions regarding the project being submitted. The UDRB Liaison and other staff from the Planning & Zoning Department will review submittals, and, if accepted, the applicant shall provide payment to the Planning and Zoning Department.

The Planning and Zoning Department reserves the right not to place items on the UDRB agenda if an application is found to be incomplete or if sufficient progress towards addressing provided comments has not been achieved. Please refer to the following minimum requirements and documentation that shall accompany applications.



Meeting Agendas

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