Historic Sites and Districts Historic Preservation

Miami's colorful heritage is embodied by hundreds of significant properties ranging from residential neighborhoods of Mediterranean Revival style villas, Art Deco homes, Craftsman bungalows, and Bahamian cottages, to larger and more elaborate high style buildings such as the Freedom Tower and Olympia Theater as well as several archeological zones.
Miami's significant properties are snapshots of the past and visible reminders of the community's heritage. They also illustrate the growth and development of Miami, which began as a settlement of Native Americans and resilient pioneers and exploded into a city of distinctive style and cultural diversity.

Historic Sites and Districts List from A to Z

Archeological Zones

Archeological remains are often the only clues left to decipher what life was like thousands, hundreds, or even fifty years ago. Archeologists peel back the layers of time to decode the secrets of the past by the material remains, or artifacts, that people left behind. Miami's archeological zones typify the area's rich cultural heritage. From Native American villages and ceremonial centers to pioneer homesteads and early commercial activity centers, each archeological zone reveals secrets of the past and provides views into the lives of Miami's early inhabitants.

Brickell Park and Mausoleum Archeological Zone
Miami River Rapids Archeological Zone
Miami Circle Archeological Zone

Architectural Styles

The City of Miami possesses a wealth of historic fabric including simple homes exhibiting vernacular architectural styles and elaborate, high style buildings full of detail and flourish.

Art Deco
Bahamian or Conch
Frame Vernacular
Masonry Vernacular
Mediterranean Revival
Miami Modern
Streamline and Depression Moderne