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Virginia Key

Virginia Key is a 1000-acre barrier island that is situated midway between the eastern shore of the City of Miami and the Village of Key Biscayne accessible via the Rickenbacker Causeway in Biscayne Bay.


On July 22, 2010, the City of Miami completed a comprehensive master planning process for Virginia Key that will serve as a guiding tool to develop meaningful waterfront and public open space areas on the island. Furthermore, the Virginia Key Master Plan will provide policies for the use, development, and management of land; the protection and enhancement of the island’s natural resources while providing the necessary infrastructure and traffic flow to serve future improvements.


The following links will allow you to view and download the chronology, master plan presentations, and work products generated by the master planning process:


Master Plan Project Initiatives

Marine Stadium Restoration

Miami Marine Stadium was built in 1963 and is situated on scenic Virginia Key. It is considered a singular and distinctive example of a civic mid-century modern marine structure. Despite hosting a wide variety of events and performances throughout its history, it currently sits unused. After Hurricane Andrew in 1992, the stadium was declared an unsafe structure and was abandoned. It became a haven for graffiti artists and taggers, creating the unique aesthetic that currently adorns the structure. The land around the stadium hosts regular large-scale events and races.

At this time the City has engaged through an RFP process the architecture firm of RJHA Architects to assess structural integrity and complete the restoration of the Marine Stadium. It is anticipated that the restoration will be completed in 2021.


Marine Stadium Flex Park

Within the Virginia Key Master Plan the area east of the Marine Stadium has been identified as a flexible open space. Contained within the plan is a strategy to turn this flexible open space into a distinctive and memorable place with regional importance. A place suitable for individual recreation, or massive congregation. A place worthy of Miami.


Maritime Center

The site west of the Stadium will focus on boating and maritime space. A one of the kind Maritime Center is to be designed to accommodate space for a welcome and orientation needs for the island. By the virtue of its location, this installation frames the grand approach to the historic Miami Marine Stadium, making itself or the site opposite of it an ideal site for a welcome center.

At this time the City has engaged through an RFP process the architecture firm of Chisholm Architects to design and build 22,000 square foot Maritime Center. Construction is anticipated to be complete in 2021.


Mangrove Restoration

Replacement of removed mangroves along the west shoreline adjacent to the Marine Stadium is being processed. It is anticipated that this will be completed by 2020.


Basin Trail Restoration

In efforts to improve access along the waterfront edge of the Marine Stadium basin the City through a DEP Recreational Trail Grant will restore the existing basin trail. This will include pervious paving treatment and additional enhancements long the trail. This is anticipated to be completed in 2020.


Boat Ramp and Parking

The Boat Ramp will provide public access to Biscayne Bay.


Marina Development

Project will be developed into a world class, state-of-the-art, mixed-use waterfront marine center including, but not limited to, marina, boatyard, dock master’s office, ship’s store, and restaurant(s)


Project Updates

Request for Qualifications: Flex Park at Virginia Key - October 2016

The Master Plan completed by the City in 2010 includes a flexible open space on the eastern side of Marine Stadium. Contained within the Master Plan report is a strategy to turn this flexible open space into a distinctive and memorable place with regional importance. A place suitable for individual recreation, or massive congregation. A “sense of place” worthy of Miami.


The City will seek a qualified world-class waterfront urban design/landscape architecture firm to provide a design for the Flex Park at Virginia Key through a request for qualifications (RFQ). The RFQ process is a continuation of the implementation of the Master Plan. The City will continue to work with the community and Virginia Key stakeholders as a part of the Master Plan implementation process. The RFQ will include the following scope of work to complete the Flex Park at Virginia Key in conjunction with the directives and intentions of the Master Plan and of the public and Virginia Key stakeholders:


Overview of the RFQ as presented to the Virginia Key Advisory Board
DRAFT RFQ Document


Civitas selected as Flex Park Design Firm: Flex Park at Virginia Key - August 2018

Civitas, a landscape design firm out of Denver, Co. has been selected as the winning qualifier for the Virginia Key Flex Park. Civitas will be working closely with the City and the community to design an open space that is a world-class waterfront destination for all. Please see documents related to their process below:
Community Outreach Meeting #1
September 20, 2018
Miami Rowing Club



Virginia Key Advisory Board

Visit the Virginia Key Advisory Board for board information, the meeting calendar, agendas, and meeting minutes.


Please direct any questions or comments to the Planning Department via planning@miamigov.com.

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