Supplemental Sign Regulations

Class A Signs - Temporary Signs

Miami 21 Zoning Code, Section 10.3.1-Class A Sign Regulations


Contact your local Neighborhood Enhancement Team (NET) for assistance with temporary signs.

Class B Signs - Point of Sale

Identifying the use of or products sold on the premises. These signs require a permit. Establishments may install no more than two (2) outdoor display encasements for event posters per fifty (50) feet of linear frontage.
Miami 21 Zoning Code, Section 10.3.2-Class B Sign Regulations

Class C Signs - Commercial Advertising Signs

Advertising products sold off premises. Class C signs must comply with the City Code, Article IX of Chapter 2, for outdoor advertising on City buildings and Article XIII of Chapter 62 for murals and billboards. These signs require a permit.
City Code Regulations, Section 2-779-Outdoor Advertising
City Code Regulations, Division 5-Murals
City Code Regulations, Division 6-Billboards

Home Office

All home office signs shall be limited to one (1) sign and cannot to exceed one (1) square foot in area located on the front facade.

Signs Above 50 Fifty Feet

Except as otherwise provided in a specific Transect Zone, all signs higher than fifty (50) feet above average sidewalk elevation shall be permitted by warrant.
Miami 21 Zoning Code Regulations, Section 10.3.6

Special Sign Packages and Regional Activity Complex Sign Packages

Please contact the Planning and Zoning Department for information on these sign packages.