Prohibited Signs

What signs are prohibited?

Why are these signs prohibited?

Prohibited signs are not allowed because of safety hazards and visual pollution effects that they create adjacent to the public right of ways and abutting properties.

Prohibited Sign Descriptions

Flags (includes pennants and streamers)



Flags are limited to one (1) per property and cannot exceed twenty-five (25) square feet.

National and State Flags, State of Florida Political Subdivisions

National flags, state flags, and flags of political subdivisions within the State of Florida are not subject to these regulations. However no more than three (3) flags can be flown per property.

Flashing/Animated/Electronic Message (flashing blinking, and animation)

Flashing Messages

Signs that have visible moving parts, flashing or oscillating lights, visible mechanical movement, or other apparent visible movement achieved by any means that moves, changes, flashes, oscillates or visibly alters in appearance.

Illuminated Signs

Illuminated Signs

Illuminated signs are permitted in certain Transect Zones and are governed by a specific set of regulations. Below are the illuminated sign characteristics that are not permitted. Please visit our webpage on illuminated signs regulations for more information on what is allowed.
Attention Attracting Devices (fluttering, rippling, moving, spinning, inflatable)

Attention Sign

Devices used to attract attention with blinking or flashing lights, streamer lights, pennants, banners, balloons, streamers, fluttering, and spinning.

Freestanding Signs

Freestanding Signs


Portable Signs

Portable Images

Portable signs are signs that are not permanently affixed to a building, structure or the ground. This also includes those that are tied down with metal straps, chaining, or otherwise temporarily anchored to an existing structure or other similar method of anchoring. Examples are A-frames, inverted T-frames, wheeled signage and the like.

Roof Signs

Flashing Messages

No Sign shall extend above the roof line or parapet wall.